Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio

Tracy Anderson Method - Dance Cardio Workout DVD

Tracy Anderson

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This DVD is the cardio component of your workout and is designed to build up your stamina, keep your energy up, and help make your workout fun while you are learning these dances. This DVD is a great introduction to learning dance aerobics and mimicking my dance moves as you gain strength and build up your stamina. Cardio is just as an important component as your muscular structure work and my dance DVD should be used in conjunction with either the Mat Workout DVD or the Perfect Design Series depending on your ability. The goal of these Dance Cardio DVD is to excel your ability enough so that you are able to reach the level of Metamorphosis, which is customized by body type and gives you the most personalized workout available.

Love, Tracy

“Truly a miracle. Never did I imagine that in my 30s, after two children, I would be able to change my body to the degree to which I have. Tracy’s method works! All you have to do is put the time in and you will see results you never thought possible.” - Gwyneth Paltrow

“Tracy Anderson’s Method has proven to be the best exercise program for my body” - Madonna