Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics
Tracy Anderson Dance

Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics DVD - Unleash Your Inner Pop Star

Tracy Anderson

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  • New Dance Aerobics DVD by Tracy Anderson
  • Warm Up & 5 New Dances on the disc
  • Duration 50 min
  • All New Dances + New Patterns to Target Weight Loss - Connect to Your Body + Learn to Dance While You Workout

The first Dance Aerobics DVD released by Tracy Anderson in over 6 years featuring brand new dance combinations.

These dances are unlike anything you will find in Metamorphosis, will further strengthen your mind/body connection, and is the highest calorie burning workout ever released by Tracy Anderson.
In addition to a full tutorial with breakdown lessons of each dance, there are options to do all of the dances in one sequence, following along from the front or following along from the back. It's time to unleash your inner pop star.

This DVD represents the full expression of the Tracy Anderson Method Dance Cardio program: It's challenging, but wildly effective and fun.
Throughout the 50 minutes of new dances, you will torch calories as your mind reconnects with your body, and you will shed weight as you learn how to dance.

Perhaps most importantly, Tracy designed this program in a way that will never interfere with your muscular structure work - quite simply, you will not be firing the same major muscles, again and again. Not a dancer? No problem: Tracy will take you through the choreography bit by bit, so you can move with confidence. There is a breakdown section of each dance as well as the option to follow the dances from the front or the back.